10 Famous Journalists in The World

Journalism starts with courage and passion, to be a good journalist one have to dedicate their whole life as one will be dealing with exposing the economic scandal, political scandals, and uncovering corruption scandals and broadcasting wars as well. It may not be logic to limit the world journalists’ number to a list of ten but below is a list of ten famous journalists in the world.

Kate Adie.  Adie started the journalism journey as a technician in local radio, but she gained popularity as the BBC’s news broadcaster after she reported main wars of the world like Rwanda genocide, the Gulf China among others.

Robert Fisk.  Robert Fisk is an English journalist who gained his fame after he conducted a successful interview to Osama Bin Laden the world’s most wanted man.

Hunter S Thompson.  Thompson gained popularity for coming up with ‘gonzo journalism’ he is also an author of several books like fear and loathing among others.

Sami Al-Hajj.  Al-Hajj is a cameraman from Sudan who gained popularity after he was arrested and accused of corroborating with al-Qaeda but later protested for truth, and he was finally released, and currently, he is the head of al Jazeera public desk.

Veronica Guerin.  Veronica was an investigative journalist who loved exercises to improve arm strength and who due to her courage she has inspired two movies and several songs .she was once shot and she received many death threats before she was later murdered in the year 1996.

Walter Cronkite.  Walter Cronkite is also known as the American trusted man. Even though he died in the year 2009 he is also remembered for reporting Watergate scandals, the Vietnam War, fighting civil rights and he is also famous for winning several awards in his profession.

Peter Jennings.  Jennings was a fabulous broadcaster who gained popularity for reporting breaking news and he was also among the first reporters who went to Vietnam.

Hu Shuli.  Hu Shuli is a Chinese journalist and also a member of international female media board, Hu Shuli gained her popularity after investigating and uncovering very many corruption scandals.

Christiane Amanpour.  Christine is a modern American broadcaster working with CNN, she is popular in American TV news but she gained her popularity for interviewing people like Gaddafi of Libya and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

Anna Politkovskaya.  Anna gained his popularity after exposing the abuse of human rights by the Russian government and later he was assassinated in the year 2006.

The above is a list of 10 famous journalists in the world but the list is long as journalism is a wider field the is growing day by day.